Learn by trying new things


Zapimator is a prototype of a program that I had planned and mocked-up back in the 2010's. I had lost track of those design documents until recently. I instantly knew this would be a fun program to make, and would certainly solve my need for quickly creating animated replies to chat messages.

The guiding principles of this app is to make simple gif-like animation quick and easy to make. My goal was to work on the simplicity to the point where a user could make an animation, save, and send it to a friend in 30 seconds or less. I believe I have achieved this goal. However, I believe I can still do better, so I will likely continue to work on refining this concept.
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GenM is an experimental music production application I have been developing as an exploration in music theory and unique UI design. The idea for this project was inspired by my interest in both music and procedural generation. With these two interests in mind, I set out to accomplish two main goals:

Due to the highly technical nature of the project, I have decided to first prototype the core functionality of the application before I prototype any visual or UI designs.

Though it is useable, this is currently a work-in-progress so many features and visual designs are un-finished or placeholder.
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Fish Fighter

Fish Fighter is a Virtual Reality (VR) project me and two of my colleagues worked on as a passion project. We were able to create a fun mini-game for the HTC Vive as well as exercise our skills with 3D modeling, digital painting, programming, audio production, and game design.
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Game Jail

Game Jail is a web interface I use to store some of the games I make. Since many of them are HTML5 games, I figured it would be appropriate to create an HTML project browser for them.
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Capercrypt was most certainly a distraction project, though I had fun making it. The idea came from my mild intrigue in cyphers and encryption.

Usually, mild intrigue is not enough motivation for me to spend a few months creating and refining a project of this nature, especially when graphic or sound design is not the focus. However, I found a particular functional irony in creating a simple encryption program that would use an abnormal method, that method being dictionary scrambling.

Capercrypt is a program that uses a mostly comprehensive English dictionary and a simple character shift algorithm to jumble the words in a sentence to make a string of seemingly non-sensical words. If the receiver of this code has the correct key, they would then be able to decode the gibberish.
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Scribbler is simple pattern generator that is inspired by Langton's ant.
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TL Studio is my first attempt with creating a music production application.
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Voxel Editor

This editor was a student project me and a classmate created as a holiday card for the college we attended.
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Cardboard VR

Before I had much access to more capable VR systems, I explored the idea of developing mobile VR experiences. This project was both a combination of my web-GL experience and my interest in WebXR.

Due to the ever changing landscape of web-technologies, this project may likely not work as intended on your device. You may still click (or tap) and drag to view the scene, but I cannot garnet the state of the motion controls.
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Zeech is a web-app I created to be a dysfunctional version of standard text-to-speech software. I was inspired by Banjo-Kazooie dialogue sounds.
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There will be more to come, as I don't plan on stopping my learning anytime soon.