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fishing simulator out there

FIsh Fighter is a collective effort between three designers: Eric Kalpin, Mitch Stanke, and Zach Finch, to create a virtual reality experience. It was created during the Spring semester of 2018 as our senior show and capstone project. The experience is centered around a core gameplay cycle of fighting fish and gaining points, as the name would imply. In Fish Fighter, you sit on a boat in the middle of an atoll, where you must defend yourself against ravenous, fishy assailants and feed them to your tiki friend!

During Development, we split the work into focus areas. Mitch did the concept art and texture work, Eric did the coding and music, and Zach did the 3D modeling and map design. We, of course, would steal each other's work from time to time, but this overall structure helped us form an effective product and manage it accordingly.

Fish Fighter is currently in its Alpha state. We hope you enjoy our game!

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